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YMCA North London Fun Run & Festival

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For queries about Fun Run email Francesca.Johnson@ymcanorthlondon.org.uk


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Photo: ©DTothill 07989 439913

The YMCA North London Fun Run & Festival is our flagship fundraising event, which enables us to celebrate the work we do in the community and raises much needed funds to help vulnerable homeless young people build a better future for themselves.


Photo: ©DTothill 07989 439913

2016 YMCA North London Fun Run & Festival breaks fundraising records!!!!!

YMCA North London’s annual Adult 10k and Children’s fun runs has evolved over the last 26 years into one of the largest community events in North London, continuing to grow in popularity and attendance year on year.

The 2016 event on 15th May topped all fundraising expectations, raising over £33,000, which we use to support young homeless people – this is an incredible £8,000 increase on 2015, and £3,000 more than we dared hope!

Funds were raised through many valiant people collecting sponsorship. This ranged from a few pounds through to hundreds of pounds, with every penny gratefully received. One enthusiastic young 8-year old organised a fundraising event selling waffles to raise money for the event!

We thank everyone for their hard work in contributing to this amazing fundraising effort.

This £33,000 will be used to support YMCA North London’s work with vulnerable young homeless people at our hostel, initially removing the risks that come with living on the streets, and instead providing them with a safe place to live. Later we assist with their move towards finding work, and onto independent living. For more information go to


If you’d still like to make a donation to our work, please go to




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