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ETE and Support

ETE (Education, Training, Employment) and Support at YMCA North London

YMCA North London has been serving the local community since 1929. It is the largest hostel in Haringey, housing 154 residents aged between 17 and 35, 70% of our residents are male and 30% female. The hostel provides accommodation and support – tailored to the needs of the residents. We have a team of support workers that includes specialists in Mental Health, Substance Misuse and Criminal Justice. We also run a programme of education and training events for residents to help to engage them with a view to improving their move on options.

Activities at the hostel include:

The VIY (Volunteer it Yourself)

VIY came to the hostel last year to run a decorating and DIY project with residents that led to an entry level qualification in painting and decorating. The work surfaces were also replaced in the kitchen. The HUB is now looking great, the kitchen is fit for purpose and residents have gained skills. Two residents have gone on to study on a ten-week painting and decorating course at CRISIS Skylight centre as they enjoyed the work.

VIY return this June to help with the YMCA North London Community Garden.

The aim is to create an outside garden area with raised beds, trellises and seating to encourage the residents to take pride in their environment. VIY will get involved by offering a carpentry course in the garden. Residents will study for an entry level City and Guilds carpentry course whilst building benches, erecting trellises and a shed.

Residents will plant vegetables and herbs in the raised beds. The vegetables and herbs can then be used for cooking sessions which take place in our onsite kitchen.

Fat Macy’s

A five-day intensive cooking course in the hostel, followed by a Food Hygiene qualification and then access to offers of work. The money is kept in to a trust fund and can be used by residents when they leave the hostel to pay for a deposit, residents are encouraged to work 20 hours to save up for a deposit.

Stage Xchange, Mouse trap theatre are working with YMCA North London residents providing drama/creative writing sessions. Residents produce their own scripts and act them out exploring power relationships, humour and team work!

YMCANL are working with Talent Match to improve employment opportunities for residents. Donna and her team come to the hostel every Tuesday to help our residents who are under 24 years of age with advice and support in their search for employment or education.

Women’s wellbeing – to improve the experience and the voice of women in the hostel we are planning some women only events over the coming months. We will be holding a Women’s wellbeing day in June with Yoga, mindfulness and beauty treatments.

Music: The Guitar Social are offering free guitar lessons to residents, residents who complete the ten week course get to keep a guitar!

Sport and fitness, residents have access to the YMCA gym for £5 a month, in addition we offer weekly football and personal training/ running sessions to encourage residents to set their own personal fitness goals.

Art: The chaplaincy team run regular art sessions at the hostel and many more art-based activities are planned, including mosaic work, sculpture and outside graffiti art projects in the hostel garden.

We have many plans for additional activities in the hostel. Money Management – changing your relationship with money is in the pipeline as is a Build your own bike project. English lessons are also planned for the hostel.

Money raised at the YMCA Fun Run will help us to fund these activities and many more!