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YMCA North London is the largest hostel in the London Borough of Haringey.

Last year the association provided over 300 young people with warm, safe and stable accommodation.

As a small housing association we house 154 young people aged 16-35 with pressing housing needs in a large hostel and, in addition, have 15 room spaces in houses designed as first stage ‘move-on’.

The focus of our work is on helping disadvantaged young people, aged 16-35, who are homeless or in housing need, to achieve the transition from dependence to independence. The approach to the young person’s needs is holistic. The YMCA North London offers integrated access to affordable accommodation, training, personal development, guidance and job searching facilities. The relationship with the young person is based on a formal agreement as to how the facilities and local community resources will be used in making the transition to independence, commitment to which is a condition of continued residence.

In addition to the hostel, there are a number of projects that support the hostel and its residents:

  • Canteen: located on the ground floor with TV and lounge area. Residents receive breakfast and dinner every day.
  • Learning Centre: located on the ground floor. Providing access to the computers and the internet between 9am and 9pm on weekdays and between 10am and 10pm at weekends.
  • Activity Hub: located on the 4th floor and has a kitchen, music room and activity room. Activities are scheduled on weekly basis where residents are encouraged to take part in.
  • Training Opportunities: we offer the chance to develop residents’ skills in literacy, numeracy and IT.
  • Support Services: Hostel staff provide residents with advice on housing, life skills, training and resettlement. We are running pilot support programmes, funded by Haringey Council; one is a Housing-related support service for vulnerable young adults and the other is a Foyer for those over 16 years of age. The Foyer service is based on the model offered by Crewe YMCA and recognised as a centre of excellence by the Foyer Federation. It focuses on informal learning delivered through the Life Academy programme. The aim is to improve confidence and self-esteem and to equip vulnerable young people with the life skills necessary for independent living and a fulfilled work life.