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Temporary crèche closure 

Unfortunately we will need to close the crèche between 10th July to 22nd September as we will not be able to use the studio for our crèche service and therefore we will not be able to provide childcare as we currently do.

We are extremely sorry for this disruption and I can assure you we have done everything we can to keep it to a minimum.

If this temporary arrangement results in you not being able to access classes or the gym, please let reception know and they can arrange for your membership to be frozen during this period.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Crèche is available to parents attending gym and classes weekday mornings, 9.15am – 11.15am, at The Fitness Centre.


Crèche is bookable at reception for the following week.

As of the 1st August 2016 there will be an additional cost for the use of our crèche. The costs will be as follows:

  • Members: £3 per session for children aged 2 and under
  • Members: £2 per session for children 3 and over
  • Non Members: £4 per session or £3.50 for sibling

If you have any questions about the children’s crèche, call the Fitness Centre on 020 8340 6088.