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News & Activities

Regular Activities for Residents

We want our residents at YMCANL to have a positive experience when living with us. In the tradition of the YMCA movement we believe that residents need to be healthy in mind, body and spirit to thrive.

  • All of our residents have free membership to our fitness centre and are encouraged to use it.
  • We have weekly football training and matches.
  • We partner with Groundworks to give residents experience of gardening.
  • St John’s Ambulance deliver a First Aid course called ‘Stick It’, designed around our client group.
  • BUBIC deliver drug and alcohol counselling and support to residents.
  • A free counselling service is available for residents.
  • One to one financial advice is offered by a specialist agency.
  • Seasonal events, for example, Halloween meal and films, Christmas meal and party.

Accumul8: Empowering Young People


Accumul8 was launched on 16th November 2013 at the Blink pop up art event in Hornsey. Accumul8 is a small social enterprise aimed at empowering young people and enabling them to develop the skills they need to become self employed.

The project is led by Marice Camber who is working with residents living in YMCA North London hostel. Marice has worked with residents to identify a product that they can make and market; they have settled on a delicious and unusual range of chutneys and jams. Much of the produce used has been donated by the local community; even the jars have been donated. The local MP, Lynne Featherstone visited the event and can be seen in the photos sampling chutneys and buying some for herself.


Blink was organised by Sue Irwin-Hunt, another good friend to YMCA North London. Sue invited residents to volunteer at the event and work on a piece of community art. They can be seen busily at work in these photos. It will be displayed at YMCA North London.

Read about Accumul8 in the Haringey Independent.

The Accumul8 Exhibition on YouTube

Accumul8, during June 2014, showcased photographs by a group of homeless and vulnerable adults living at the YMCA North London Hostel who tapped their creative talents at selected locations.

The exhibition, which ran for a week at the YMCANL and the Hot Pepper Cafe in Crouch End, had its private view on 5th June 2014. The Mayor Haringey, Sheila Peacock, made a special addition to her schedule to be able to attend ‘and look at the photographs, which are brilliant.’

Accumul8: Empowering Young People

‘A Warm Day in Haringey’ is a film project organised by Accumul8, sponsored by London Metropolitan University and made with NLYMCA residents who, along with locals, explore the question: What does Haringey mean to you?

Click on the picture to watch the video.

Click on Accumul8 to find out more about their projects.

Launch of NLYMCA Foyer

On 1st October we launched a Foyer with an integrated Life Academy providing a range of engagement and training activities for young people who are not working or training. The Academy has three ‘zones’: Independent Living Zone, Health Wellbeing and Arts, Employability and Skills Zone.

Amongst the modules and activities are:

Football Academy (emotional management using football), Hard as Nailz (DIY skills), Musicworx, Digi skills (responsible social media and website building, functional skills), Get Fit (gym, cooking, nutrition course), Movie week (film making), Get Outdoors (outward bound team building skills), and KIT course (budgeting, cleaning and self care).

The value of the Life Academy for young people is:

  • Most of the courses are non-accredited to allow for widest participation at any level.
  • Session styles vary from dialogue to classroom to event to one on one.
  • The Life Academy modules are designed not only offer skills development but to build essential confidence and self esteem.
  • Sessions are written and designed to act as platforms to identify the talent (potential) and assets (strengths) of each young person, to enable a further personalised investment as progress is observed.

If you are a young person who is interested in living in our Foyer please read on.


NLYMCA Foyer: Choosing a Future, Making It Happen

Looking for somewhere to live that makes a difference?

YMCA North London has a brand new opportunity for young people aged between 16 to 25 that is more than just having somewhere to stay.

What does the YMCA North London Foyer offer to young people?

  • A room of your own. A single furnished room with catering provided. Reception services on site and 24 hour security.
  • Personal Support. Each young person has their own worker supporting them to access other services and opportunities for the future.
  • Life Academy Programmes including Life Skills training (we call that KIT- standing for Key Independence Training), Job Search, Football Academy (much more than a game of football!), Digi Skills (developing your IT skills) and Get Fit sessions, Hard as Nailz (DIY training), Musicworx, building confidence, having fun, gaining skills, and getting ready for a fulfilling, healthy future
  • Preparing for move-on. Gaining the skills to live independently.

And much much more. Activities, residential, volunteering, job placements, and having a say in what the YMCA North London Foyer does!


What’s the catch?

There isn’t one!

Its a simple personal commitment to do 3 things:

  • Keep to the licence agreement to live safely and reasonably with other people in the accommodation.
  • Meet regularly with a Foyer Key Worker to deal any issues and plan for the future.
  • Commit to a range of Life Academy programmes to discover personal potential and build the skills for future work and training.

It can be difficult to live independently, avoid debt, keep safe and cook and look after yourself at the same time. The Life Academy @ NLYMCA is designed to build your confidence and develop the skills you need to build a home and keep a tenancy going.

When you feel you are ready we can help you move to your own place and make it work!

Work and training

The North London Life Academy doesn’t make any promises about jobs but we do offer ways for you to find out what you want to do, and we support you to achieve your goals.

What do I do if I am iterested?

Please contact Haringey Council Vulnerable Adults Team and ask to be referred to us. Their phone number is 0208 489 4293 and they are based at Apex House, 820 Seven Sisters Road, N15 5PQ.

Visit to the Irish Embassy

Hostel Manager, Sharon Murphy and Operations Manager, Donall Henderson (second and third from the left) represented NLYMCA at the launch of the London Irish LGBT support group at the Irish Embassy on 16th October 2013. The event was organised by the charity Mindwise, which works to support those at risk of, and affected by, mental health issues.