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Fundraising and how to get sponsorship

Thank you to all Fun Run entrants for taking part in the YMCA North London Fun Run & Festival last Sunday – we hope you had a great time, and wanted to thank you for your energy and support! Thanks to your efforts we are making great progress towards our 2018 target. To help us achieve it, we need your help to raise a further £10,000, so please keep fundraising and encouraging people to donate to help us achieve this target.

To make donations please go to: https://www.justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/nlymca/funruns2018

Our aim is to raise funds to enable all members of our community to thrive. Your support allows YMCA North London to provide much needed services for some of society’s most vulnerable groups. Funds raised will directly support concessions for local people to access our childcare, children’s recreational activities and health and wellbeing services. YMCA North London also offers support to young people through our hostel accommodation.

We appreciate the enthusiasm and commitment of all our donors and supporters. Donating via JustGiving is safe, secure and is a much more cost efficient way for us to raise funds than offline cash donations, or via sponsor forms.  However if you are unable to raise money online or to make an online donation, please email Fun Runs Fundraising Support on alison.harrow@ymcanorthlondon.org.uk Thank you.