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Holiday Programme

Holiday Programme October 2017

  • Daily bookings and weekly bookings available
  • Daily bookings should be booked in advance as a place cannot be guaranteed on the day
  • Playscheme entrance is on Elmfield Avenue opposite Fitness Centre (gates open at 10am – 10.20am and 4pm – 4.20pm)
  • Early bird and Afterscheme entrance is on Rokesly Avenue
  • Please bring a packed lunch
  • Nut free zone: No nuts e.g. Nutella, pesto, peanut butter
  • Gymnastics dress code: Leotard, shorts or t-shirt, hair tied back and no jewellery.

Download the prices information sheet here

Download the booking form here

Playscheme (for 4-11 year olds)

Children are grouped with children of a similar age. Recent activities on Playscheme have included tie-dye, bouncy castle, cold and hot cookery, run-around quiz, rounders, treasure hunt, african drumming, drama games etc. We have a varied timetable to suit everyone!

Playschemes consist of a structured timetable of arts and crafts, games and sports, and trips out.

Football Sportscamp (for 4-11 year olds)


A chance for children to improve their soccer skills. Children learn from FA Prelim Coaches how to advance their football know-how by picking up, developing and finally mastering new techniques. Football Sportscamp is very popular and is complimented by an excellent range of kids’ soccer classes at the Harringay Club. Football Sportscamp operates at various venues in the local area (see above).

Gymnastics Sportscamp (for 5-12 year olds)


Our British Gymnastics qualified coaches take children through floor work and apparatus skills. Gymnastics Sportscamps usually take place at the Harringay Club.

Earlybirds (8.30am – 10am)


Children can be dropped off at Earlybirds from 8:30am. Gentler activities than normal are provided (Lego, board games, drawing etc.). The children are taken to the appropriate venue in time for the 10am start (breakfast is not provided).

Afterscheme (4pm – 6pm)


The day may be extended to include Afterscheme which allows parents to pick-up any time up to 6.00pm. Children are collected from their scheme at 4:00pm (Gymnastics 3:45pm). A small ‘buffet-style’ meal is included. This normally takes place at about 5pm. Activities are are less structured with an opportunity for children to ‘wind down’.

For term time activities see the section on The Harringay Club which has a wide range of classes and sessions for all ages.

There are also crèche facilities at the fitness centre.