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Adult Classes

In the evenings the Harringay Club offers a selection of adult classes.

These include:

Soul Jazz: Intermediate level (aimed at those with some understanding of dance – Ballet, Contemporary and Jazz dance styles). Concession rates available.

Adult Gymnastics (Over 15s): Our Adult classes are open to all abilities. Sessions run on Wednesday evening 8:15 – 9:45pm. We focus on skills work which varies from week to week. We aim to help you to achieve your own goals wether it be a cartwheel or a somersault. We work on Sprung Floor, Inflatable Tumble Track, Trampette, Vault, Bars and Beam Classes are available on a drop-in basis.

Adult Ballet (Over 18’s): Ballet is an ideal discipline for developing poise and posture, co-ordination and rhythm. Classes are available on a drop in basis working on basic ballet technique and freedom on movement.

Yoga (Over 18’s): Physical postures strengthen and tone muscles and, when performed in rapid succession, can provide cardiovascular conditioning. Meditation and deep breathing can reduce stress, thereby lowering blood pressure and inducing relaxation. Mind/body awareness can influence mood and self-esteem to improve quality of life. At the Harringay club we focus on Iyengar yoga. Most yoga classes are available on a drop-in basis.

Kung Fu (Over 18’s): A great sport that develops discipline, awareness and skills in Praying Mantis Kung-Fu. This class is available on a drop-in basis.

Kickboxing: Cardio Fitness, Self defence, Muscular endurance and more! Graded syllabus, taught by instructor with over 20 years experience. For more information call Des on 07956857472 or visit www.linkarts.co.uk

Stretching Classes: Tuesday 8:15 – 9:15pm. 1 full hour of stretching and relaxation focusing on the main tension areas during pregnancy and after birth, with the objective of relieving pain, stress and improving your comfort and wellbeing in the long run. Bring your own mat.

Pelvic floor, legs and back reinforcement: Fridays 12:00 – 1pm. 1 full hour of focus exercises specifically targeting the support muscles in pregnancy and after birth, to increase strength, reduce aches, assist during labour, speed up recovery, prevent incontinence and, last but not least, maintain fitness.

If you have any questions about our adult classes, The Harringay Club and any of the other classes on offer contact us on 020 8348 2124/ 020 8340 6088, visit or email.