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Response to BBC London News report

We have seen the BBC report into the housing services provided by YMCA North London. The report focused on a number of historic incidents, and does not reflect the reality of YMCA North London as it is today.

The charity has recently invested more than £500,000 to improve the quality and security of the accommodation.  We have also recruited a new management team who are better able to support the needs of those young people who arrive at the doors of the YMCA at a point of crisis in their lives.

Since the change in leadership and investment, we are not aware of any further issues of the nature reported.  We do however acknowledge that we operate in a particularly difficult area of London and with some of the most disadvantaged young people.

We are proud of our dedicated staff, who work tirelessly and often have to deal with very challenging individuals and circumstances, in partnership with the Police, the local authority and other community groups.