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Gym Redevelopment

We are really excited to announce that the plans for a gym redevelopment have been approved and the work has now begun, we aim it all to be completed by 22nd September 2017. Thank you for your patience.

Notice to members: As of Thursday 8th June the entrance to the Fitness Centre will be on the rear side of the building via Rosebery Gardens.

New Kit

Functional Training Rig

For various activities such as:

  • Wallball shots
  • Pull up variations
  • Dips
  • Box Jump/Step Ups
  • Battle Ropes
  • TRX
  • Resistance Band Training
  • Muscle Ups

and more


Key features:

  • 11 Gauge steel frame construction
  • Self powered
  • Extra wide 23″ belt
  • Fixed 11% incline
  • Multi-grip hand positioning with water bottle and phone holder
  • Magnetic resistance brake with control lever


Key features:

  • Wide variety of programmes to choose from
  • Speeds to choose from – 24 to 162 steps per minute
  • User friendly and easy to use
  • Strengthen your legs, boost your cardio – will challenge even the most fittest of users
  • Options between 2 consoles
  • Small footprint
  • Compatible with Polar wireless – contact sensors
  • Designed for home or small commercial environment use
  • Tone and sculpt your entire lower body
  • Low impact workout

Click on image for larger view

Click on image for larger view


Click on image for larger view


1. Will the gym be shut whilst the development work takes place?

  • No, we plan to keep the building open through the development. Saying that, there will be some minor disruption throughout and customers will be asked to use the rear access via the hostel car park for a few weeks

2. Will classes be affected during the development phase?

  • The class timetable will be slightly reduced for a few weeks and will all operate from Studio 1. Please see revised timetable

3. When does the construction work take place?

  • Work will start on 5th June and is expected to be completed by 22nd September. We will update members on this completion date as the construction progresses

4. When will the new gym be launched?

  • A launch event will be held in early September. We will announce further details once they are confirmed

5. Will opening times be affected?

  • We still plan to stick to the same opening times during the development and once the new facility opens

6. What equipment will you be getting?

  • Star Trac will be providing our new equipment. They are a market leading equipment supplier and bring an exciting range of kit to our facility, including:

– Star trac inspiration range

– Functional training rig

– Hiitmill self-powered treadmill

– Stairmaster gauntlet

– Concept 2 rowers

– Cybex SPARC trainers

– Up to 40kg dumbells

– Squat rack

– Olympic bars

7. Will changing rooms be affected?

  • Yes, changing rooms will be updated but not reconfigured. We are limited by space and therefore any significant reconfigurations present difficulties

8. Sports therapist

  • Appointments with Massage N8 will still take place during the development works

9. Will you have a water fountain in the gym area

  • Yes, we will have an additional water fountain plumbed in

10. Will you be installing turnstiles?

  • At present, we have no plans to install turnstiles

11. Will the crèche remain open?

  • The crèche will be closed for up to 6 weeks. Details will be communicated to all parents/carers that access the crèche when they are available

12. Will we still be able to use the sauna’s during the changing rooms being done

  • Yes, the saunas will remain unaffected

Temporary crèche closure

Unfortunately we will need to close the crèche between 10th July to 22nd September as we will not be able to use the studio for our crèche service and therefore we will not be able to provide childcare as we currently do.

We are extremely sorry for this disruption and I can assure you we have done everything we can to keep it to a minimum.

If this temporary arrangement results in you not being able to access classes or the gym, please let reception know and they can arrange for your membership to be frozen during this period.

Thank you for your continued support.