Since January 1997 the club has concentrated on providing a high quality yet affordable programme of recreational activities for all ages from babies to young adults.

Please note our classes are extremely busy and fill up quickly, to check your place or make a payment please call the Harringay club on 020 8348 2124.

For enquiries for Harringay Club Classes/ Bookings/Holiday Camps  please contact


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Easter Closure: Friday 10th, Saturday 11th Sunday 12th & Monday 13th April 2020

HALF TERMS : All weekday classes before 4pm will not run during the above dates. All after 4pm weekday classes will run during the Half terms

MAJOR HOLIDAYS:  No weekday classes will run during the CHRISTMAS, EASTER and SUMMER holidays


  • 21ST DECEMBER 2019 – 3RD JANUARY 2020
  • 10TH APRIL – 13TH APRIL 2020
  • 29TH – 31ST AUGUST 2020

The Harringay club will be closed on the following dates:

2019 – 2020
25th December Wednesday Christmas Day
26th December Thursday Boxing Day
1st January Wednesday New years day
10th  April Friday Good Friday
13th  April Monday Easter Monday
8th May Friday Bank Holiday
25th May Monday Bank Holiday
28th August Friday Bank Holiday

Membership Information

Become a Junior member of the Harringay Club and you will be eligible for discounts for the following

Membership costs: £36.00 per year
Concessions £18.50 per year

Ballet, Gymnastics, Tap Dance, Modern Dance, Weekly Gymnastics Camps,

Course discount for all members
discounts for weekly gymnastics camp places

We are delighted to be able to offer all of our under 3’s the chance to become North London YMCA, Harringay club Member

There will be benefits to becoming a member of the Harringay Club.

Membership costs: £36.00 per year
Concessions £18.50 per year

Happy Hoppers, Busy Bees, Jolly Jumpers and Rock n’ Rollers – £4.20 Members/£6.30 Non- Member/£3.20 Concessions

Bubble club -£4.00 Members/£6.00 Non- Member/£3.00 Concessions
Carer/Toddler Ballet and Gymnastics – £4.30 Members/£6.30 Non- Member/£3.10 Concessions

Up to £2.00 discount for all members per class
Busier (bookable) classes can be booked in advance to ensure a place

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Weekday Terms From Sep 2019 – Jul 2020

Term 1   2nd Sept 2019 – 16th Dec 2019
Term 2   6th Jan 2020 – 7th April 2020
Course 3   20th April 2020 – 20th July 2020

Weekend Courses from Sept 2019 – Sept 2020

Course 1   21st Sept 2019 – 7th Dec 2019
Course 2  14th Dec – 7th March 2020
Course 3  14th March 2020 – 13th June 2020
Course 4  20th June 2020 – 12th Sept 2020

Please ensure your children are booked in to avoid disappointment on the day.