Sleep Easy 2020

Date: Friday 6th March 2020
Time: 7pm – 7am
Location: St Mary’s CE Primary School, Church Lane N8 7BU

We are pleased to announce the 2020 date for our next Sleep Easy fundraising event, which will take place on Friday March 6th. Last year’s event was a big success with a group of people choosing to sleep rough to raise funds for the YMCA North London Hostel.

What is Sleep Easy and where does the money raised go to?

As the crisis in homelessness continues to escalate, with a doubling of people sleeping on the streets since 2010, there’s also the hidden homeless, with up to 62% of single homeless people regarded as “hidden” and who may not even show up in official figures. Sleep Easy gives people the opportunity to make a difference to this crisis by sleeping out for one night to contribute directly to our hostel which offers accommodation and support to up to 300 people per year who are homeless or at risk of being homeless.

Each year the Sleep Easy funds are used to introduce new projects and activities for our young residents at YMCA North London to prepare them for move-on.This year the sponsorship and donations raised will be used to fund the New Chances Bursary.

New Chances Bursary £15,000

Young people who are seeking to expand their horizons often need some help and support along the way. They may wish to buy new clothes to attend interviews, have a travel card to attend a training course to build up their skills, or even a laptop to use as they join a college course. With our New Chances Bursary, young people will be invited to apply by making a pitch to the Bursary panel. The panel, formed of two elected Hostel residents and two staff members, will assess the application and make an award if they agree that it will help the young person. Awards will be made to people to help with opportunities in employment, training and education.


What happens once I’ve registered?

You will receive a pack with information on how to get started with your fundraising.

The registration cost is £10 per person, this is to cover for refreshments through the night and breakfast in the morning.

What happens on the night?

The event starts at 7.30pm with some entertainment and light dinner (a confirmed event programme will be released closer to the time). At around 11pm we will go to a secured designated area to sleep rough so other’s don’t have to.

Donations & Sponsorship

If you prefer you can support the event by making a donation. For sponsorship opportunities please email:

In 2019, thanks to our donors and fundraisers, we raised an amazing total of £15,000 and we are looking to build on that next time around with a target of £20,000. In the past year we’ve been able to offer a range of activities at the hostel across the range of Education, Employment and Training (ETE) and which the residents have been able to enjoy. Read all about recent initiatives with Fat Macy’s, VIY and others here on our News & Activities Page.