Sleep Easy 2020

Our Sleep Easy event has now taken place, and was a wonderful evening. We had a small but very engaged group of participants, made up of members of the public, volunteers, YMCA North London staff and our hostel residents. There was a programme of music, songs, children’s dance and the spoken word. This was performed by the hostel residents, staff and friends of YMCA North London. The evening ended with the participants sleeping outside for the evening, raising a fantastic £1,000 for our Hostel residents. This event though small is one of the most vibrant and heart warming in our calendar of events, affirming the hard work of our Hostel staff, the committment of our sleepers out and the courage of our vulnerable residents, sharing their stories with us.

We want to say THANK YOU to all of you!

New Chances Bursary £15,000 – how your Sleep Easy money will be used

Young people who are seeking to expand their horizons often need some help and support along the way. They may wish to buy new clothes to attend interviews, have a travel card to attend a training course to build up their skills, or even a laptop to use as they join a college course. With our New Chances Bursary, young people will be invited to apply by making a pitch to the Bursary panel. The panel, formed of two elected Hostel residents and two staff members, will assess the application and make an award if they agree that it will help the young person. Awards will be made to people to help with opportunities in employment, training and education.

Donations & Sponsorship

As the crisis in homelessness continues to escalate, we are now dealing, along with the rest of the UK, with the impact of the Covid virus. This is having a devastating affect nationally and globally, and we are trying to help safeguard our residents, whilst supporting them during lockdown. Each year the Sleep Easy funds are used to introduce new projects and activities for our young residents at YMCA North London to prepare them for move-on.This year the sponsorship and donations raised will be used to fund the New Chances Bursary.

If you prefer you can support the event by making a donation. For sponsorship opportunities please email:

In 2019, thanks to our donors and fundraisers, we raised an amazing total of £15,000 and we are looking to build on that next time around with a target of £20,000. In the past year we’ve been able to offer a range of activities at the hostel across the range of Education, Employment and Training (ETE) and which the residents have been able to enjoy. Read all about recent initiatives with Fat Macy’s, VIY and others here on our News & Activities Page.