Support services are provided in line with our values:

We have a team of support workers that includes specialists in a range of areas including Mental Health, Substance Misuse and Criminal Justice. We also run a programme of education and training and employment activities for residents to help to engage them with a view to improving their move on options.

Support staff are available for residents of the hostel from 7.30am- 8pm Monday to Friday and 8am-4pm at weekends

I originally became homeless after travelling to London for work only to be made redundant and thus unable to cover my rent. Having no friends or family in London and determined to succeed, I braved homelessness in the hope that the journey I was about to embark upon would have a twist of fate along the way and something incredible may come of my experience. After keeping this from my family and ensuring them that work and life was great in London, I spent time in a homeless shelter eventually being transferred to YMCA North London. From the day I moved in, the staff members were friendly, polite, gentle and supportive in their approach. I used my initial weeks to recover my strength and re-focus my mind, having hot meals provided and access to the gym facilities, I found it an environment where you can focus on one’s wellbeing and begin to regain routine, normality and stability in your life. With a wide range of residents from all corners of the globe I made friends with people I never dreamed of meeting people, learning different cultures, languages, traditions, Eventually coming to the realisation that were all not so different after all. I remember the day I woke one morning and something had changed from within. By that same evening I had three job interviews and hope was re-kindled. I got the job for the company I had hoped, signed off both job seekers allowance and housing benefit, moved into privately rented accommodation and my life has grown from strength to strength since. In hindsight I believe the YMCANL and its residents are portrayed and viewed by certain members of society in an overall negative manner. I can only assume this is through a lack of understanding and awareness the damaging effects of homelessness and/or childhood experiences can have. I fully support the YMCA and the part it plays in helping to rebuild young men’s and women’s lives. Looking back, was it all worth it to be where I am currently?… truly, yes.

A former YMCANL resident