We work on several different apparatus: sprung floor, vault, bars and beam as well as our very exciting inflatable tumble tracks and trampette. We focus on reaching the gymnasts own goals and have fun whilst learning.

Gymnastics Camp starts at 10am every morning. We start the day with games and a gymnastics warm up followed by a basic skills session.

This included learning moves like working towards Key Stages 1, 2 & 3.

The gymnasts have a short break at approximately 11am where they can have something to drink and a small snack.

After break the session is apparatus based. New skills and activities are taught in age and ability set groups.

Lunch time is at 12:30-1:15pm.

Children must bring in a packed lunch and drink (please NO NUTS – peanut butter, Nutella, pesto. Please check your lunch box).

After lunch is play time. If the weather is fine we will have outdoor play; please make sure your child has outdoor clothing with them.


For all enquiries for Harringay Club contact hc.bookings@ymcanorthlondon.org.uk

Easter Holiday 6th - 17th April 2020

Daily bookings and weekly bookings available
Please bring a packed lunch
Nut free zone: No nuts e.g. Nutella, pesto, peanut butter

Daily bookings should be booked in advance as a place cannot be guaranteed on the day.
Gymnastics dress code: Leotard, shorts or t-shirt, hair tied back and no jewellery.

You can now send your gymnastics camp booking forms to hc.bookings@ymcanorthlondon.org.uk and follow up with a phone call to our reception on 0208 348 2124

please add your booking form as an attachment to your email not a PDF.

Bookings are not secure until full payment has been made.