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Since January 1997 the club has concentrated on providing a high quality yet affordable programme of recreational activities for all ages from babies to young adults.

Junior Programme (reception, infants and junior ages 4 – 18 years)

Gymnastics classes follow the British Gymnastics syllabus and concentrate on the major disciplines of floor, vault, beam and bar, building skills such as balance, strength and flexibility. Children can work towards badges with certificates. Classes are available on a drop-in basis or as a course. Gymnastics has the following classes available:


  • Reception Class (Ages 4–5yrs) – course days – Mon/Tues/Thurs/Sat
  • Infants Class (Ages 5–7yrs) – course days – Mon/Tues/Thurs/Sat
  • Junior Class (Ages 7-12yrs) – course days – Mon/Tues/Thurs/Sat
  • Festival (Invite only – Ages 8+) – Course
  • Squad (Invite only – Ages 4+) – Course
  • MyClub Gymnastics (Ages Over 10yrs) –  Available as drop-in
  • Saturday Morning Gymnastics and Rebounding (Ages 5–12yrs): 2 Drop-in sessions for those children ‘hungry to do more’! 9:30 – 10:30 & 10:45 – 11:45 . All abilities catered for.
  • Saturday Advanced Gymnastics Tumbling:  drop in class for children in Squads or for anyone who is on BG Badges 1, Bronze, Silver or Gold. Saturdays 12:00 – 1:00pm.

Ballet is an ideal discipline for developing poise and posture, co-ordination and rhythm. Classes are available on a drop-in basis working on basic ballet technique and freedom of movement. Alternatively courses are available accompanied by our pianist Krystyna, concentrating on classical balled and working towards the Royal Academy of Dancing grade examinations. Ballet has the following classes available:

  • RAD Pre-primary Class (Reception and Yr 1) – Course
  • RAD Primary Class (5 – 6yrs & 7-8yrs) – Course
  • RAD Grade 1-8 Classes – Course
  • Intermediate Foundation RAD Class – Course
  • Intermediate RAD Class – Course
  • Pointe RAD Class – Course

A mixture of Jazz, Street and Contemporary Dance. These classes will provide a fun and energetic workout for all who take part. Pupils will also work towards taking exams, working towards the BTDA syllabus Modern dance has the following classes available:

  • Modern Dance Grade 1 – 5 Classes (Ages 7+) – Course
  • Intermediate Modern Dance Class – Course
  • Contemporary Dance: A mixture of Classical Ballet and Modern Dance – Free movement and improvisation encouraged. This is a drop in class for 12yrs +

Tap is a fun way to develop co-ordination, rhythm and fast footwork and provides a vigorous workout for children with lots of energy. These are exam classes working towards the BTDA syllabus. Tap has the following classes available:

  • Tap Grade 1 – 5 Classes (Ages 7+) – Course
  • Intermediate Tap Class – Course
  • Advanced Tap Class – Course
  • Advanced Foundation Tap Class – Course

Shantung Northern Mantis Kung Fu is an extremely effective Martial Art from Northern China consisting of a blend of 18 Kung Fu Systems. It uses a vast variety of Hand Strikes, Kicks, Locks, Trapping, Grappling and Anti-Grappling techniques. Physical fitness, strength, co-ordination and flexibility will be enhanced very quickly. This is a Drop-in class.


Kickboxing (Ages 14+): Cardio fitness, self defence, muscular endurance and more! Graded syllabus, taught by instructor with over 20 years experience. For more information call 07956857472 or visit

Taekwon-Do (Ages 4-6yrs): Games! Challenges! Exercise! Fitness! Fun! For more information on the class contact instructor J Moreno 07976629478 or visit

Irish Dancing (6+): Taught by Caroline Boyce (TCRG) formerly of Riverdance and Lord of the Dance. The perfect way to improve your cardio fitness whilst having fun. Irish Dancing is a drop in class.

Street Dance Tuesday- (pre-primary – 12years: Ready set stage, James Bellamy runs street dance from 5.30pm. Your child will learn a range of moves from breaking to commercial locking and more. Points gained go towards their UCAS.

Street Dance Saturday- 4-7 years: All dancers will learn about freestyling, routines and fitness. At the end of each term parents are invited to see their children in an end of term production.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know. We are always looking for new exciting classes to run and way to improve our existing classes. Contact us on 020 8348 2124/ 020 8340 6088, visit or email.