14 November 2019


YMCA North London Fitness Centre member Fatima Reder is celebrating her recent win at the Pure Elite World championship in Margate, UK. Entering her fifth competition, she came first and was crowned Fitness Wellness Champion 2019, and had this to say: “I’ve been waiting for this moment, to gain a first place position. This was my first competition as a pro, having started out as an amateur just two years ago, and this win means I can make the move to being a pro coach as well as a competitor. I’m very happy”.

Fatima came to bodybuilding through her love of fitness. She loved using the gym but wanted to set herself goals to work towards. She found the discipline very difficult in the first year, especially as far as diet was concerned. She now says that she manages the discipline much better as it is routine: “if I want a pizza, I have a pizza, I just might have to wait for 12 weeks”. That’s some discipline!

Initially the Pure Elite champion competed in the Bikini category and has made the shift recently to compete in Fitness Wellness. This new category for Fatima, which combines stage presence with how to present, is better suited to her style and her body shape, and she loves the thrill of being on stage. “You could have a better body than me but how you present is all-important”.

When in the gym at YMCA North London, Fatima particularly enjoys using the Stairmaster, which she says is crucial for women for its fat-burning effect. Ladies, be inspired!