We are looking forward to reopening our services soon, in line with the roadmap for lockdown lifting.  

In our centres we will be closely following the government guidance around the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and adopting the necessary measures to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of our community.

Q. Are the Fitness Centre and Harringay Club open?

A. We plan to reopen the Fitness Centre gym on April 12th for fitness for individuals and households. Classes will resume not before May 17th. We plan to reopen The Harringay Club on April 12th.

Q. Do I need to freeze my membership?

A. There is no need to do anything. Your membership will be automatically frozen while the fitness centre is closed and will resume when we reopen. As a charity we rely on memberships to keep our vital services going. If you would like to continue to donate your membership you can do so by emailing petra.machanova@ymcanorthlondon.org.uk 

Q. Is Y-Fit Online running? 

A. Yes. Y-Fit Online is our online fitness service. We will continue to provide Y-Fit members with quality live streamed fitness classes regardless of the tiered restrictions. New members can access a free 2-week trial. You can find out more information here

Q. How are YMCA Childcare services affected?

A. At present we are not currently running breakfast and after-school clubs while the schools are closed. We are currently talking to schools about when we may restart our Childcare services, which will not be before March 8th when schools reopen.

Q. Will there be an Easter School Holiday Camp?

A. We are currently talking to schools about when we may restart our Childcare services and whether school holiday camps will be allowed.

Q. Is the hostel open?

A. Yes, the hostel provides an essential service and is home to over 150 residents and has remained fully functioning throughout the lockdown. We have introduced additional measures to keep residents and staff safe, see below.

Q. What measures are being taken to keep hostel residents safe?

A. We have increased cleaning and are providing government-issued advice for residents on how to keep themselves and others safe through practising good hygiene. We have introduced a visitor ban and where possible minimise contact between staff and residents to keep everyone safe.

Q. I’m a resident, what happens if I become ill?

A. The latest government advice is that anyone with a persistent dry cough, high temperature or loss of taste or smell to arrange a COVID test and self-isolate for 7 days. If you have these symptoms or have come into contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 call 020 8340 2345 and notify a member of staff. We will then assess the situation and make arrangements for you to move to either a private pod room or a 4th floor room where you will be asked to self-isolate to avoid spreading the illness to other residents.

If you have any other queries you wish to discuss with us, please do get in touch with paul.mynott@ymcanorthlondon.org.uk.