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Homelessness Increases by 7% Across London with 28% homelessness caused by a recent job loss or loss of educational opportunity[1]

7th July 2016

It is a well known fact that many of us are just one pay cheque away from being at risk of homelessness[2]. This year’s CHAIN (Combined Homelessness and Information Network) report on homelessness in London reveals a startling 7% increase with almost a third of homeless people affected by the loss of job or an educational opportunity, with 826 young people (18-25) now sleeping rough in London every night.

YMCA North London is working hard with partners across London to raise awareness of the increasingly difficult and pressured environment for young people in the capital. CEO Tim Fallon says “we are facing levels of demand as high as ever with a constant stream of rough sleepers coming to us for help. Some even sleep at the doors of our offices in Hornsey.”

The YMCA in London Manifesto calls upon the Mayor to

  • Utilise previously occupied space for re-development into suitable low-cost accommodation
  • Invest in alternative models of accommodation (such as the ground breaking Y Cube YMCA developed housing model)
  • Introduce a Help to Rent scheme across London and
  • Invest in provision for young homeless people through agencies such as the YMCA

Whilst the summer months are relatively benign, there is growing concern amongst the major providers of services and accommodation to London’s homeless that this winter may be one of the worst ever. With increasing rents, a falling number of employment opportunities due to Brexit and ever decreasing local authority budgets to support this vital area of work, demand upon YMCA services will only increase. YMCA North London therefore calls upon the new Mayor to draw up an urgent action plan and identify how these 826 young people can be helped into safe and secure accommodation and to prioritise young people

[1] https://files.datapress.com/london/dataset/chain-reports/2016-06-29T11:14:50/Greater%20London%20full%202015-16.pdf

[2] http://england.shelter.org.uk/news/april_2013/8_million_people_one_paycheque_away_from_losing_their_home